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About Jezebelle

Jezebelle is a Vocal member of the Circle of the Crone. Her traditionally views of the Crone are sometimes found to be offsetting to the younger or more open-minded members of the Circle. She is also known for her violent rituals that always contain some sort of animal or human sacrifice. Her belief structure is defiantly from many religions- thought she will claim most often that her patron is Kali. She has researched many religions and is often found in religious discourse and philosophical discussions with prominent members of the Ordo Dracul and even the Sanctified. During her research she looks for connections to the aspects of the Crone archetype in all religions.

Her first appearance was over three or four centuries ago in India. She has changed her appearance and name several times, only in this most recent incarnation has she become the hard-line traditionalist; some spark was lit only about a century ago bringing about the shift in mindset.

She unified the Acolytes of Colorado into a cohesive unit. Extensively working with them to solidify their place as one of the most respected covens in all of Colorado. While her demeanor publicly is rather rash and abrasive, to those that know her just as she can be harsh and uncaring, she can nurture when necessary.

Recently she has once again changed her appearance taking on a defined snakelike quality. Her skin has become a shimmering blue with an infinitesimal amount of scales. She travels with an extensive number of mortal retainers all of whom contain other sorts of deformities. Jezebelle’s main travel companions are a man of small physical stature… and a two-headed dog.

Jezebelle does not hide from the mortal world. She believes that due to her recent change of “skin tone” hiding in the open has become the best option. She has over the past fifty years cultivated a name for herself in the Urban Primitive movement traveling and speaking and learning from body modification artist around the world. Her new appearance is looked upon with awe and reverence by the most hardcore and she hides her vampirism from them or the uniqueness of her appearance by speaking and teaching on the wonders of sub dermal implants and new brands of tattoo inks that are still in the testing phase. If anyone speaks with her on modifications they find her a plethora of information about tribal cultures and rituals that she constantly refers back to the Crone aspects in some way.


Jezebelle is not shy about the fact that she is a true Carney Freak. She runs one of the most known Carnivals in the Midwest, the Cirque de Phantastique.

Most reliable means of contact

Her most known means of contact is through the email address


Jezebelle is also known for her association of different names with different personas. She is known as Jezebelle inside the Circle, but to most she is simply the vampire Eve. She has been known when promoting and advancing for the carnival to use the name Satrina Carnivale, an inherited name.


Jezebelle is most noted for her blue scaly skin in more recent nights; but she adorns herself with several facial piercings and facial tattoos.

Rumors and Stories

If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about Jezebelle, feel free to post them here.

  • Jezebelle has an army of 'little people'. The rest of the acolytes are unsure if they're doozers, circus midgets, or evil gnomes, but every option scares them all.
  • Jezebelle eats stupid for breakfast. Literally, she's eaten at least 6 known Acolytes whole for displaying abject stupidity. Amazing that being a snake lady will get you a distended jaw and gullet.
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